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Sports Chiropractor Melbourne

Sports Chiropractor Melbourne

Limb injury in athletes is common and doesn’t always need to be treated with painkillers. It may be treated naturally with chiropractic care. Sports chiropractic intervention may help in preventing the risk of muscle strains and injuries to the lower limb and knees. Feet and weight bearing issues may give rise to ankle or knee injuries. Chiropractic care and assessment may be beneficial for the aspiring athlete. If injuries are the main reason for under performance in sports, our chiropractor Melbourne who has an interest in sports injuries may be of assistance, make a call and book a consult.  As a registered chiropractor, we can assess your injury and provide appropriate advice to help athletes and sports orientated patients. We also have availability by referral of medical imaging to further assist in the diagnosis of injuries, including Ultrasound, MRI and CAT scanning if necessary.

With over 35 years of experience, Chiropractic Melbourne care may be effective in the treatment of some sports injuries. Ongoing muscle spasms may be related to poor posture or issues with weight bearing. Traumatic injuries can be dealt with urgently, as this clinic provides an emergency service, including public holidays, Saturday and yes we are open on Sundays.

A major issue with ongoing problems with aching feet and lower limb issues may be related to poor weight bearing. Eventually, this may cause ankle, knee, hip, lower back and/or neck pain. Our examination process involves a muscular/skeletal and weight-bearing assessment. our aim is to detect any possible ongoing causes of pain/ache issues that may, for instance, be impacting sporting performance.  As a Chiropractor, we provide evaluation and treatment for all members of your family including juniors, adolescents, adults and elderly people.

If X-rays are clinically required we have the services of Olympic Imaging, this clinic provides the latest digital radiograph technology that provides low dose radiation for plain film spinal analysis. This clinic has also MRI, CAT scans and Ultrasound availability that provides valuable diagnostic information if required. We use all available tools to determine the possible causes for your injury, if we are unable to help we have a network of appropriate Medical Specialists that we can refer you to.

As a local Chiropractor in Bulleen, I provide Chiropractic services in the nearby suburbs of  Kew, Balwyn, Templestowe, Doncaster, Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Blackburn Lower Templestowe and Ivanhoe. I am also available as a Melbourne Chiropractor especially after hours, for emergencies on weekends, public holidays and yes we are available on Sundays.


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