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    Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne

Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne


A happy moment in a woman’s life is to hear from the doctor that she is pregnant. After all, conceiving and delivering a baby may make her complete. However, the expecting mother may go through hormonal and physical changes during the pregnancy period. Whilst she is carrying the baby in her womb, the weight of the infant may put pressure on the spine and cause pain. There is also a probability of misalignment in the pelvis and back issues which can may cause problems after birth for the mother. Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy may help with some of these issues.

In my experience with over 35 years, Chiropractic care may provide an effective means of easing various issues arising during pregnancy. Such issues as muscle spasms, headaches, neck and back pain, may respond to gentle specific appropriate techniques.

What causes back pain in pregnancy?  Many body changes occur over the gestational period. Here are some reasons:

1. Release of pregnancy related hormones help relax joints and soften ligaments. This allows the baby to grow in your womb. Joints may move more than usual. This may cause extra strain on your back and pelvic joints. In turn this may result in muscle spasms.

2. The growing baby may result in increased stress on pelvic ligaments, abdominal and back muscles. This in turn may result in Back pain, at times Sciatic nerve irritation, with ache and or numbness down the legs.

3. Headaches may be caused by increased emotional stress and muscle spasms during pregnancy.

4. Towards the end of pregnancy the positioning of the growing baby may cause further pressure and compression resulting in various musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Chiropractor BULLEEN PLAZA states ” I am available for the evaluation and treatment of lower back pain as the result of pregnancy.” To stress, as a pregnancy chiropractor, the treatment provided is gentle and condition appropriate.  Chiropractic services are provided locally over the suburbs of  Bulleen, Kew, Balwyn, Eaglemont, Templestowe, Doncaster and Ivanhoe. I am also available as a Melbourne Chiropractor especially after hours, for emergencies on weekends, public holidays and yes we are open on Sundays.

Furthermore, a complete spinal check up is recommended after the pregnancy, this allows for further evaluation of your muscular skeletal system and allows for X rays to be taken if indicated. Feel free to contact us on (03) 98520055

Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne, may help expecting mothers to get relief of back, neck, and joint pain during pregnancy. We have had over three decades of providing chiropractic care for many back related issues including for pregnant women. We use specific, gentle treatments that take into account the existing stage of pregnancy. Gentle muscular massage on muscles may increase blood flow, decrease spasm, and and relieve aching back or neck issues.

For Pregnancy Chiropractor Melbourne, Ring 03 98520055.

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