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Family Chiropractic Melbourne

Family Chiropractic Melbourne

The spinal system in our body forms an important structural function. As such, maintaining its health and sturdiness is necessary for the quality of life. However, due to everyday activities, backed by improper posture, disturbance and misalignments may occur in the spine giving rise to possible pain in the back and neck. These conditions may affect all ages and impacts on our wellbeing. Children who are growing and active can be affected especially due to lifting of heavy school bags and computer technology. Getting the problems checked by a family chiropractor is important in such conditions to prevent future possible ongoing issues.

For over 35 years I have provided a Family Chiropractic treatment orientated practice for all members of the family. In my experience growing children can suffer from growing pains, headaches and neck strain from excessive computer game usage and back pain as a result of poor posture and the carrying of overloaded school bags.

As a family chiropractor I can provide evaluation and age specific appropriate treatment. A foot examination may detect underlying issues that may impact posture, especially in growing children. These issues are also relevant in seniors as well, unfortunately loss of foot arches may cause localised pain in the feet and can also impact on knee, hip and back pain.

An examination involves, spinal, muscular and foot assessment. X rays if indicated are taken and a whole body assessment related to weight bearing and posture is made. Family Chiropractic discounts for families, students and retirees are also available. Extras Chiropractic cover, by medical insurance is accepted at the clinic and provides some cover for your chiropractic treatment.

Medicare Care Plans provided by your medical doctor are also accepted, as are Work cover and Transport accident claims. As a local Family Chiropractor in Melbourne, I provide Chiropractic local services in Kew, Balwyn, Templestowe, Doncaster and Ivanhoe Blackburn and Heidelberg. I am also available as a Melbourne Chiropractor especially after hours, for emergencies on weekends, public holidays and yes we are open Sundays.

Please feel free to contact us on (03) 98520055. An on call Family Chiropractor, Melbourne area is available for emergencies situations. Pain in the neck, hip, and back requires thorough assessment. Our family chiropractic services Melbourne comprise of assessing your spine, feet and posture. We may use X-rays and other diagnostic equipment to assess the cause of the pain, which further helps us in planning pain management and treatment.

Our holistic approach benefits us in treating not just the pain, but also the possible cause and hopefully preventing ongoing issues. You can help your family members by giving us a call and consulting us.

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